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Top Truck Graphics Decal Kits for Dodge Ram

Custom vinyl graphics that change history. We have been creating world class professional stripe kits, decals, automotive custom graphics, trim packages, auto restyling, truck lettering, signage, window tinting, airbrushing, personalized apparel, canvas banners to mention some of the art works and mediums. The awesome customers who join our family are our most important thing and we are always on the look out for new cool custom decal projects. If you are a dealer ask us about our dealer packages.

Attention to Detail

Who We Are

Elite Limit has created automotive graphics concepts since before the turn of the century. Most note worthy concepts created and unleashed unto the world are the muscle stripes which unlike the traditional dual parallel rectangles which required much trim and adjustment for in order to position well to our specific made to fit Muscle Stripes kits. These kits were designed on the specific vehicle bodies for their end product placement. This line of specific fit muscle stripes transformed the look and fit which received tremendous reviews and appreciation.

Another explosive concept let loose was the Tough Guy Stripes. This concept was created over a 14 hour non-stop design session taking an addition week on finer details and cleaning imperfections. 

The detail in the single color cut vinyl graphic had never been seen before. Made available in the sign makers industry on such a global scale. This was a concept that went viral and continues to be highly desirable within the ram truck owners. When we put our efforts to design a new concept we go all out.

Expert fitment graphics

Our History and Achievements

Back when I was in school I had an idea that I could compile all the artistic skills I’ve possessed all my life into a convenient “All in One” business catering to customizing various vinyl decal and racing stripe product advertising services. I realized it was time to dive into the vinyl graphics automotive restyling industry and begin my journey. Learning computer aided designing for graphics, product development, 3D Cgi, website design, catalog work, point of sale advertisment displays, and general freelance design work like new company imaging (logos) and insignia creation was the smartest decision this traditional artist could have made.

Trial and error taught me a great deal when it comes to working with vinyl materials. The experience gained over the years has most definitely landed me into the spotlight of being one of the top decal and racing stripe manufactures this world has ever seen today. The decal graphics product line is sought after and referred to by Automotive Custom Shops, other sign and decal shops, thousands of individual Dodge Owners, Groups, Clubs and their friends all across this great country and the world. Our custom designs for vehicle graphics are one of a kind and have been setting the bar since day one with no equal anywhere and I have no intentions on slowing down anytime soon. Elite Limit’s family of websites have gained a following and for good reason. Our superior product line, design abilities and personal approach to individual customer needs are what it takes to make this kind of mark in the industry and enforce it.

Some of our customers have entered their vehicles into local Car Show Events and are literally Winning Trophies and such because of our decals and stripes on their vehicle. That in itself is the number one reason why you simply can’t go wrong ordering your decal and racing stripes from Elite Limit. Not only do we have the largest selection of products, but also the largest choice variation of different style types of a particular decal or stripe product! A variety of choices available within each and every one of our products themselves, not to mention the high quality vinyl and color choices kept at a constant stock. We have the quality, craftsmanship, and selection of products from the only proven source with a track record going back 20 plus years.

As early as childhood most people noticed a tremendous ability in drawing and sketching in me. It wasn’t until I went to college that I realized how computers would be taking over the design industry and that I had better learn how to use them. I went to college working towards a B.A. in Fine Art/Graphic Design. There in the student environment they take a traditional approach to the designing industry. It wasn’t until after college that I achieve an EXPERT rating (skill level of proficiency with graphic design programs) with today’s designing programs. Manuals help to an extent, however what really helps is the “in the field” or “on the job” good old fashion experience. Trial and error is the best instructor a graphic designer, desktop publisher, or logo artist could ever learn from. Believe me I have years of experience and mistakes to know and here we are in 2019 looking back these decades, we always wonder where it went. Good times and great people.

Leaping ahead one decade, for the leading commercial software packages of today on pc platform is how all the magical designing happens. When creating our unique concepts for automotive custom graphics the following graphics design software packages will usually all be playing a part in the result of the final product. For example: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, CorelDRAW, Flash, Bryce, Quark Xpress. Including all accessory software that come with these various major graphic design software titles. In the beginning I started out making business cards and general design work.

Since then my skills and search for a new medium has progressed into website design and services, to all out full catalog creation, and the Elite Limit Vinyl Graphics Product Line. I would like to thank you for your visit to this site and hope you found the information helpful. Like to contact us? Go to the contact page of this site for the address, phone number or E-mail address. Let Elite Limit be of service to you, your company, or your fine organization.

Most note worthy concepts created and unleashed unto the world are the muscle stripes which unlike the universal dual parallel rectangles. Those required much trim and adjustment for in order to position well to make them work in the area and look good. Our designs were specific vehicle for their end product placement. This line of specific fit muscle stripes transformed the look and fit which was by far one of our most replicated concept in the automotive graphics market.

Since 2012 all the way to the today, we have been hard at work keeping up on the ever growing demand for Elite Limit’s Brand. In early 2018 we brought back from the dead an old stripe package that was made for the 3rd generation ram truck. The Billboard Stripe Package Kit looked pretty cool back in the day for the 2002 – 2008 ram truck. After many days of template development for the decal kit fitment. We completed our version of the kit now for the 4th generation ram 1500 hemi v8 model trucks with bed side graphics and an amazing looking hood stripe.

For the best top notch automotive restyling racing stripes, cut vinyl decals, vehicle wraps (for local jobs) and a great many varieties of lettering sticker needs. We can do it all with the professional high end Summa Graphics Machines for more amazing detail that simply can’t be replicated with inferior equipment most widely used by most of our industry competition. We are celebrating our 20th year here in 2019 and will continue harnessing our talent and perfecting our custom designs and products. If you haven’t already, come join the family and lets see what we can do to make your ride your own. If you’re a dealer, lets get that inventory moving!

2009 2018 dodge ram truck stripes graphics custom decals

Our Entire Product Line

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