Happy 2022 Christmas & Holiday Season to all !!! We Have Brand New Exclusive Custom 3m Vinyl Decal Kits and Restoration Kits. Street Racing Styling has never looked so good! Join our Familia!

What sets our work apart? Well, mainly the passion. Car customizer app of customize your cars custom car builders interactive garage. With a virtual car customizer online from concept to completion you'll need from concept influenced vehicles to be easily an entire market over the car customizer simulator years, and to this very day light up the car show scene with seriously insane vehicle and street racing car customization ideas styling efforts to make your ride your own!

Dodge Ram 1500 Hood Stripe 3m Decal Kit

This exclusive Ram 1500 Truck Graphics Kit fits all models between the years 2019 to the current 2022 with the stock oem hood. Does not fit the Rebel model.

We have produced this perfect fitment 3m Vinyl Kit for the Dodge Ram Truck Hood Decal. It really does take the right equipment, settings and original file which is ours here at Elite Limit to fit as it should fit especially with this new 5th generation hood shape and angles.

When is comes to your ride, don't settle for any substitute knock off out there. You'll thank yourself during installation and longevity.

Elite Limit has created some of the wildest vehicle customizing graphics the world has ever scene, no kidding! There are clients right now this summer out there who are placing top spot in car shows and events.

Golf Cart Pinstripes Graphics Stripes Kit

We can design pretty much anything for most clean smooth surfaces. Take a look at the portfolio page to see a pretty good cross section for projects if you’d like.

We like using 3m vinyl films for your custom decals. Wraps we’ll use a brand air release film that is best suited for the desired finish the client is looking for.

Unique thing about wrap vinyls are that not every pattern or finish is available consistently so different looks do require different suppliers. Build your dream car website 3d car customizer products will transform your ride!

Golf Cart Decals Pinstripes Motorcycle Graphics Sticker 3m Vinyl Decal Kit
Golf Cart Decals Pinstripes Motorcycle Graphics Sticker 3m Vinyl Decal Kit

The Most Highest Sought After Exclusive 3m Vinyl Graphics !!!

Feel free to call or text 804 824 SSSS to get your quick answer. We are very busy with all kinds of projects! I'm usually working or doing something and don't answer so please leave a VM and you will receive a call back as soon as I get to it. Thank you for reaching out to us for your vehicle customizing and truck decals needs! Your Most Trusted Source for Quality since 1999.

What enables us to rise above!

After the first release of a one of a kind vinyl stripe kit for the ram trucks 3rd generation model body style on ebay in 2006. It was like a flood gate of new processes for creating window tinting services, vehicle customizing and restyling concepts flowed out of raw hunger to dominate the street racing and truck styling community with something different and unique from what was seen everywhere. Back then we were popularly known as Tint Art Signs. Being new to offering art works online, the experience was both exciting and frustrating.

Once it became known that EL’s products fit better, looked better and were highly sought after being talked about in most of the vehicle forums between the years 2007-2014. There are some bad apples aka “the competitors” selling truck decals for the same types of vehicles started purchasing and replicating EL vehicle customizing and truck decals concepts. This in itself is bad enough but the worst part about it was that the forum members encouraged it and facilitated it just to save a few bucks.

Which brings us to why Elite Limit disappeared for a few years from roughly 2016-2021. The reality hit that it takes more money to force a competitor to cease and desist then most small businesses have on-hand capital to step foot into a court room and litigate the matter. Competitors to this very day are still selling original Elite Limit concepts and more than likely it is too expensive to make them stop. Legally speaking from experience attempting it in 2015 where most were stopped but not all. Needless to say we made enemies and the smear campaigns were ridiculous and plentiful out there as were their tactics of retaliation.

Now today it is a new game and Elite Limit is back to dominate the window tinting service, vehicle customizing and truck decals market once again. What can you find in 2022 that can offer you a value from us? Quality of materials have always been a stable for truck decals that can be relied on. We will always prioritize customer satisfaction on vehicle customizing projects and window tinting service which equals positive karma and a good path forward to provide for my children and my family. Also a great opportunity to unleash a new chapter for Elite Limit for restyling the street racing community with some killer new exclusive EliteLimit.com concepts.